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5 reasons to get a virtual fitting with boobydoo

Five reasons to get a virtual fitting with boobydoo

Find your perfectly fitting sports bra from the comfort of your own home with our brand new Virtual Fitting experience. Not sure you're wearing the correct bra size or want to find the perfect style sports bra for your shape? Our experienced bra fitting experts will make sure you never have to wear a badly fitting bra again; they will guide you though the different styles, sizes and options for you and your activity so you can look and feel amazing.

Find your perfect fit with a virtual fitting

1. Get advice from women who understand you!

We aren't robots, we are active women just like you and we understand why you need the right size, a J - Hook Option/ an easy over the head option.

2. Get tips on how to self fit at home

Not only we will advise you on your size, but we will help you understand more about what makes a good fitting sports bra. It's all about education!

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3. Find the sports bra for the performance you want.

It’s hard to find the right sports bra if you don’t know what you’re looking for. When it comes to activities, tech and materials, our expert knowledge is all you need.

Virtual fitting review

4. Flexible appointments to suit you

Why spend time scrolling the internet when our experts can give you all the answers you need? We are flexible with scheduling our free appointments to suit you.

5. Personalised recommendations for you!

This appointment is about you, and you alone. We'll help you find the perfect fit whatever your size, and suggest sports bras for your activity so you can confidently go and focus on your activity and not on your boobs!

reasons to get a virtual fitting with boobydoo