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Lacuna Sports

Cricket is becoming ever more popular with women and girls yet until now the clothing and kit has been exclusively designed for the male body. Founder Leigh Burns identified this gap in the market from experiences with her teenage daughter who didn't have the proper kit she needed to perform at the level she could. Lacuna Sports was launched in Spring of 2022 and creates performance-enabled cricket wear custom-designed for women's bodies.


Affi was inspired to start Freda after realising refugee women didn't have access to period products. The more she looked into this, the more she realised that menstrual needs for women are often overlooked and that products are made with cheap unnecessary, chemicals. Freda creates natural and organic period products that are free from chemicals and a portion of every sale is donated to initiatives fighting against period poverty.


FabLittleBag is a sustainably sourced method of disposing of your period products. Their mission is to protect rivers, oceans, and beaches from the pollution caused by flushing period products. FabLittleBag takes away the awkwardness of disposing of your period products and gives you the reassurance that wherever you are, you will be able to dispose of your pad, tampon, applicator, and wrapper easily, securely, and hygienically.