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Our sports bra experts say that most Freya Active sports bras fit true to size in the band, that means we would suggest the following:

The Freya Active Dynamic, Core & Epic styles are designed for high intensity activities and are Freya’s maximum-rated products, meaning they are designed to offer you complete ease of movement whilst working out with ultimate support.

Sizing Tips:

Core styles fit true to measurement on the band, but you may want to try a cup size up if you have a full or rounded breast shape.

Epic styles tend to fit true to size so we would recommend trying your best fitting bra size first.

The Dynamic is generous in the band, and tends to come up small in the cup, so try one band size down and one cup size up from your everyday bra size. E.g: if you normally wear a 38D, we recommend also trying a 36E in this style.

The Freya Active Sonic style sports bras are a firm rated sports bra, which means they are supremely lightweight yet deliver all the support you require for medium to high impact workouts.

Sizing Tip:

The Freya Sonic style tends to fit truer to size, so we would recommend trying your best fitting bra size first and then making adjustments if needed.

The Freya Active range is suitable for medium to high impact activities, this means, if you’re looking for extreme support and minimal movement for activities such as Running, Triathlon, Equestrian or Ball Sports, then Freya might just be the one for you!

Step 1: Bust Circumference

With your bra on, measure firmly around your rib cage, directly underneath your breasts. The tape measure should be horizontal around your body and should not drop in the back. This is your band size. Write this measurement down.

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