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Pre & Post Race Stretches

This week on Wednesday Workout, we've focused on pre and post race stretches.

Pre Stretches

It's important to wake those muscles up and get them prepared for exercise. Studies have revealed that by doing a pre stretch, or dynamic warm up, it can actually improve your performance. This gets your muscles warmed up, helping to improve blood flow and avoid injury by lubricating joints and muscles. They are referred to as dynamic because they involve moving in a repetitive rhythmic pattern.

Post Stretches

These stretches are called static stretches and they help your muscles relax and restore them to their resting length. They are called static because, unlike dynamic stretches, there is no movement, instead you are holding your muscles for an extended time to get them to their longest length. It's important to relax during these movements and focus on your breathing.

Race Stretches To Try

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