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The Best Sports Bras to Wear for Dancing and Why

Dancing is all about moving our bodies, not those boobies which is why it is so important to find a sports bra that is supportive and comfortable to move in.


During exercise our breasts can move a lot (up to 14cm), and if they are not supported properly, it’s going to be painful, distracting and can potentially lead to health problems.


When we dance, we don’t want to be distracted by unnecessary breast bounce, we want to listen to the music, bust a move and have a good time. Don’t let boob bounce ruin your fun and shop our top sports bras for dancing today.

What to look for in a sports bra for dancing


Everyone will have different preferences on the type of sports bra they want to wear when dancing. Some important things to look for are: it offers you good support, is moisture wicking (dancing can get very sweaty!), you can move around easily and bonus, it comes in a bright colour or fun pattern.

Our top sports bras for dancing

SportJock Action Sports Bra

This crop top style sports bra is a great option for dancing as it has been made with Powerband technology, so it doesn’t ride up as you move around. It’s super soft and wire free for a comfortable fit, and moisture wicking to help you stay cool whilst you shake it!


We love the great range of colours the SportJock Action Sports Bra & SportJock Super Sports Bra comes in.

Panache Sport Ultimate Sports Bra

Panache Sports Bras are a perfect choice for dancing. They not only come in a range of vibrant colours and patterns, but they are breathable, moisture wicking and reduce breast movement by up to 83%.


The wide cushioned shoulder straps mean you can leap, skip and twirl around in comfort and there is a J-hook option for those intense dance classes where you need an extra level of support.


Our Panache sports bras are available in 70 unique sizes: 28 – 40 band, B – J cup

Freya Active Sonic Underwired Spacer Sports Bra

This Freya Active Sports Bra has been designed with breathable spacer cups that mould to your body shape to create a comfortable and secure fit.


There is a J-hook option on the back for extra support when you need it.


Wear with the matching Power Sculpt 2.0 Leggings for a coordinated look that will have you hitting that dance floor in style.


The Freya Active Sonic Spacer is available in a 30 – 38 band, D – GG cup.

Shock Absorber Multi Sports Support Bra

This Multi Sports offers extreme bounce control and excellent comfort, making it a super dance sports bra pick.


It’s non wired, non padded and has two hook and eye fastenings on the back to ensure you always stay supported.

Still not found what you are looking for? Hop on over to our live chat and let our sports bra experts help you find your perfect sports bra for dancing.