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How Often Should You Replace Your Bra?

Before you can answer this, we have a few questions should probably ask yourself a quick question:

How Old is Your Sports Bra?

Think about your sports bras.... how long have you been wearing them? When is the last time you bought a new one? If you:
A. Mentioned the word 'years'
B. Can't remember

C. Have an attachment to the first sports bra you bought
Then we hate to break it to you, but you need a new sports bra!

So now we've established you probably need a new sports bra, but now it is important to understand why you actually need one:.

Why it's Important to Replace Your Bras

The more you wear your sports bra, the more the elasticity stretches. This means your favourite sports bra won't offer the same amount of support forever.


The only thing working harder than you during your workout is your sports bra, so no matter your cup size, your sports bra will eventually need replacing.

Signs that you need a new sports bra

The general rule is that no sports bra should see its first birthday. That being said, this is also dependent on how often you use your sports bra. The more active you are, the sooner you'll need to replace it.  You can perform simple tests to see how your sports bra is holding up.


Stretch test: Gently tug the straps and band. If you don't feel any resistance than it might be time for a new one.

Compare it with a newer one: Place your old bra on top of a newer one. Does it look wider, straps a bit longer? Noticeable style differences may mean you need a new one!


Bounce test: Do you feel more, or less supported in your sports bra than your normal bra? If you aren't noticing a difference, your sports bra is worn out!


Band tightness: You should be on the outermost hook and eye clip when you first get your bra, moving towards the innermost clips as it starts to loosen. Once you're on the last clip, you know it's probably time to look for a new one.


Chafing?: You may also experience chafing and more bounce while you exercise. This is because the elasticity of the cups has caused them to no longer feel snug and therefore begin rubbing under your arms.

How to keep your bra in good condition

There are a couple of things you can do to prolong the life of your sports bra.


Hand wash
We know, ugh... but it will help! Even on a gentle cycle, your washing machine can stretch the fabric. Hand wash your sports bra in cold water with a mild detergent and lay it flat to air dry. If you must use a washing machine, make sure to put it in a bra bag to make sure it doesn't get damaged.

No dryer!
You really shouldn't put any activewear into the dryer, especially a sports bra. This can damage the material, especial lycra. This can also affect the moisture-wicking properties.

Alternate between sports bras
Realistically, most women probably own more than one sports bra, so instead of wearing out one, you can alternate between bras to extend their lifespan. We recommend rotating between three sports bras if you're exercising three or more times a week.

Ok, I think I need a new sports bra. Now what?

Measure Your Bust

Did you know that over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size? That means they're not getting the most out of their sports bra. It's always good to re-measure yourself about once a year just to make sure you're wearing the right size.

Need some Help?


We understand how confusing and overwhelming it can be trying to find your right size and decide what style of sports bra you would like to wear. We have the experience and best advice to help you through this process. Why don't you book a free virtual fitting with us and have a one on one session with our fitting experts? (