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What is a sports bra and why wear one?

When unsupported a G cup can bounce up to 14cm, and an A cup by 4cm! A sports bra is a technical piece of sports underwear that protects your breasts and reduces movement by up to 83%, whilst improving your performance and comfort during exercise!

You had questions, we have answers!

What is a sports bra anyway?

When you exercise, your boobs move a lot. Up to 14cm in a G cup, and even an A cup can move 4cm. A sports bra is a technical piece of sports underwear that protects your breasts and reduces breast movement by up to 83% during sports or activities that require a lot of bodily movement. So, what does this mean for your breasts? Not wearing a sports bra during exercise can lead to back and breast pain, discomfort, reduced confidence and performance. For women, a sports bra should be your number one piece of kit before you start exercising. If you want to exercise comfortably and confidently, then wearing a sports bra is essential.


I run and cycle, do I need different sports bras for different activities?

You can wear a high impact sports bra during any activity whether it be yoga or running. However, we suggest you steer away from Medium –Low impact sports bras for high impact activities. These will not give you enough support during things like Football, Netball and running. If you’re still a bit unsure, check out our shop by activity page, go to the activity/ sport you participate in and see what we recommend! If you still aren’t sure after that, feel free to get in touch! Use our Shop by Activity menu and filters to find top results for you.


Why can’t I just wear my normal bra?

A sports bra is designed differently to your ordinary everyday bra; it features a wider band, fortified thicker straps and technical, moisture-wicking materials that better equip you for movement and sweat. Fuller cup coverage and unique technical designs work to prevent bounce and keep you comfortable during exercise. Working out in an every day bra can result in chafing, discomfort, boob bounce and long term postural back and shoulder pain.


Seriously, do sports bra really make a difference?

Some of the best sports bras can reduce breast bounce by up to 83%, and they are tested thoroughly by leading universities in the field of breast health and sport. Sports bras were invented to help women perform in sport without the distraction of their breasts moving or hurting. Join the #nobouncerevolution!


There are so many sports bras, I don’t even know where to start!

The best place to start is to think about the activities you do. Check out shop by activity, select the sport, or the most similar one to it, and go through the recommended sports bras. Ask yourself how much bounce you put your breasts through, if it’s a lot then you need a high impact sports bra like the Shock Absorber Run Bra. If it’s kind of a lot of bounce, check out medium impact sports bras like the Brooks Fiona Sports Bra and if it’s hardly any, you can wear a low impact sports bra like the Reebok Workout Ready. Not sure what the different types of sports bras are? Check this page out to discover all of the different styles: Sports Bra Types


I think I’m a 32DD, but maybe I’m a 38? What do these numbers even mean?

We’ve got just the page for you. Check out our bra size calculator! With two simple measurements, we’ll tell you your size. Find Your Bra Size Using a Tape Measure


How do I determine which impact level is best for me?

This normally depends on two things, your cup size and the activity you do. Most bras are either low, medium, high or maximum impact. The larger the cup size then the higher the support level is required, but it’s also a personal choice as to what feels more comfortable. Don’t forget, we offer free returns (please refer to terms and conditions) so no choice is irreversible.


What if my bra is loose around the edges of the cups?

The cup size may be too large. Try a smaller cup size.


What if my breasts are spilling out of the top of the cup?

Try a bra with a larger cup size.


Why are the straps leaving indent marks?

This may mean that the band is too big. Majority of the support from a sports bra comes from the band, so if it’s not fitting right, this will then go onto the straps. This is what causes the straps to dig into your shoulders. Solve this by trying a smaller band size.


What should I do if my breasts are falling out of the bottom of the cup?

Try a bra which is smaller in the back and larger in the cup.


I find that my size fluctuates during the month, what size should I get?

This is a common problem for most women. We recommend that you buy a larger cup size for that particular time of the month, or if your weight fluctuates with weight gain or loss, you should wear the correct size so that the right level of support is given and the bra is comfortable. We recommend you check your bra size every 6 months.


How often should I replace my bra?

This is purely dependent on number of uses, change in your size and how the bra feels. We recommend changing your sports bra every 6-12 months depending on usage. Does it still give you the support needed? Is the fabric still performing as you would expect, has it lost its elasticity? You wouldn’t carry on running in old misshapen trainers, so think about the same scenario for your bra.


How should I wash my bra?

Please follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for washing. The clips or hooks should be done up to prevent them catching on the drum of a washing machine if used. Never tumble dry the bras as this damages the fabrics.